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In the public media, the Porajmos was first known under the term genocide of Sinti and Roma, and it was not until 1982 that the federal government declared that the crimes were to be regarded as genocide. However, this particularly affected the Roma who were still roaming around at the time. BVB was most of the time the first pursuer of the league leaders. Die Neue Zeit TV PR Vita Vera (Univ. Sophia-TV PR Radio Santec (Univ. Sender Neu-Jerusalem PR TV-sender Neu Jerusalem worldwide (Univ. Liechtenstein is missing, because apart from the community-owned telemedia services ("text boards") there only There are nationwide broadcasters (that's why they are also at the top.) TV Südwestschweiz PR: Südwestschweizer Mediengruppe Regionalprogramm 8750 Glarus CH-GL 1999-08 License area 12: Canton Graubünden, Canton Glarus and the districts of Sarganserland and Werdenberg in the Canton of St. Gallen; Liechtenstein DVB-T, Another cable studio is in Bonaduz. Telebasel PR: Foundation Telebasel Regionalprogramm 4002 Basel CH-BS 1993-06 concession area 07; Cantons: Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft; Districts of Rheinfelden, Laufenburg, Thierstein and Dorneck Cable networks Start of broadcasting under the name Stadtkanal Basel; Another studio is located in Liestal. Information channel GAW PR: GA Weissenstein Regional program 4503 Solothurn CH-SO Weissenstein Kabel Information about occasions and events in the region.

For this reason, broadcast starts are exceptionally given in the American date format and the location of the regional broadcaster is preceded by the postal code, whereas sorting by region makes more sense in the national tables. In 1964, Israel hosted and won the Asian Championship and in the 1968 Asian Football Championship in Iran they came third again. Just one day later, Hansa hired Christian Brand, who had previously been dismissed from the regional league team SSV Jahn Regensburg, as the new coach. That would be 60,000 euros per player at the DFB. ↑ Video game maker pays €150m for five years as EA Sports buys La Liga naming rights. ↑ Stats: Salah hits 100, Suarez 150, Simeone 200, Guardiola 500, Buffon 650. October 19, 2020. Retrieved October 20, 2020 (English). The 2008/09 season of the Volleyball Bundesliga began on October 1, 2008 and ended on May 7, 2009. Defending champions VfB Friedrichshafen became German champions for the tenth time. 5 August 2016, accessed 23 May 2018 (English).

After the 2021/22 season, the PHF decided to no longer conduct a draft, but to give all players without a contract unrestricted free agent status on May 1 of each year. Here only a distinction is made between programs up to 12 hours and more than 12 hours. The community programs from the table above are broken down according to their regional programs, for example the third ARD programs above and here the individual regional window programs; likewise ORF 2 and the individual country windows. You can find all new Chelsea jerseys here in our collection. In this tournament, he played against James Wade in the quarterfinals with a doubles quota of 91 percent, setting a new record for the "Best of 19 Legs" mode. Regional and local channels are located in this section. Note: ORF 2 is also included ST with the South Tyrol regional window today for the South Tyrol broadcasting area, which is co-financed by the South Tyrolean state government and broadcast from Innsbruck (with contributions from the Bozen state studio) (see section on Austria). Südtirol TV (also Trentino TV) PR: Editoriale Trentino regional program 39100 Bozen IT-BZ 2007 Südtirol DVB-T program partnership with Mediaset; maintains five other niche channels including IT-BZ 1998? Burggrafenamt? The list of German-speaking television stations includes public service and advertising-financed private full-service and special-interest channels (first table) and pay-TV (second table).

Due to the large amount of data, this list cannot claim to be complete or up-to-date. A list of university visual media is included in the Uni-TV article. Combined sorting is also possible, e.g. B. by region and by zip code (second sorting) by performing the second sort first and the first sort after. First sorting by region, second sorting by station name. Wed September 22, 2004, 7:00 p.m. Bayern Munich Amat. This page was last viewed on May 5th. Edited July 2023 at 3:27pm. This page was last edited on June 20, 2023 at 10:04 am. The reason for this development is the high fertility rate. In 1921 these manipulations were banned. In December 1997, BVB also won the World Cup by beating Cruzeiro Belo Horizonte 2-0 in Tokyo. The Latvian team experienced one win (3-0 against Romania) and three defeats (0-7 against Czechoslovakia, 0-1 against France and 2-5 against Great Britain). He was awarded the Silver Laurel Leaf for winning the World Cup in the final against Argentina.

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