20, Jul 2023
Major League Soccer

Düren always responded to the defeats in Friedrichshafen with home wins and finally the home advantage tipped the scales in favor of VfB, who were able to defend their title. Although Berlin was able to defeat evivo in its own hall, the SCC ultimately took third place in the table with four defeats. In the end, TSV finished third in the table behind SCC Berlin, which only lost to the defending champion at home. VfB Friedrichshafen competed as the defending champion. TSV Bad Saulgau, Volley Dogs Berlin and Moerser SC came from the second division. In the lower half, the Volley Dogs reached the play-offs as the second team from the capital, as did Leipzig. The Volley Dogs Berlin could not avoid relegation, although they managed five wins. In the quarterfinals, the SCC prevailed in the Berlin city derby against the Volley Dogs without losing a set; the same succeeded Düren against Mendig. In the quarter-finals, two games in the best-of-three series were enough for VfB, Düren and Berlin, while Unterhaching only prevailed against Wuppertal in the decider. While Unterhaching failed after three games at Berlin, Bayer ensured the end of the defending champion. Of the three climbers, Königs Wusterhausen managed to stay up, while Rottenburg and Delitzsch had to return to the second division. The national team placed among the eight best teams at both the 1978 and 1982 World Cups, while Austria reached the final of the 1978 European Cup and the semi-finals in 1979 and 1983, and Rapid also reached the final in 1985.

He played for UECR Huben in the Carinthian league until mid-January 2017 before the Heilbronner Falken took him to the second German league as an assistant coach. Dachau won only once and accompanied the Berliners back to the second division. In the final series, the Berliners managed to turn things around after a defeat at the start and defended their championship title with three wins in a row. Thus, the Berliners were able to maintain the lead in the table. Juventus won 9-1. The consolation goal for Milan came from young striker Sandro Mazzola, who made his senior debut and went on to become one of Italy's best players. The best players in the Bundesliga and the first division were selected via the Internet. Behind this trio were Düren and Wuppertal, each ten points behind. In addition to Düren and Unterhaching, Leipzig and newly promoted Moers also qualified for the top league round with a two-point lead each. Although Friedrichshafen also lost in Leipzig, they stayed ahead of Charlottenburg because of the better sentence ratio. In 2005 the Supercup was not played due to scheduling problems, in 2006 an all-star game between two teams from the first and second leagues was held instead of the cup competition.

The 2005/06 season of the Volleyball Bundesliga began on October 5, 2005 and ended on May 6, 2006. VfB Friedrichshafen was German champion for the seventh time. The 2004/05 season of the Volleyball Bundesliga began on October 3, 2004 and ended on April 30, 2005. VfB Friedrichshafen was German champion for the sixth time. The semi-finals were decided by the two best teams of the season, each with two 3-0 wins. The same four teams qualified for the semi-finals as in the previous year. VfB Friedrichshafen competed as the defending champion. With Essen, Markranstädt, Oststeinbek and Rüsselsheim there were four newcomers in the first division. SCC Berlin competed as the defending champion. Dachau and Moers came from the second division. With a 1:4 against Hertha BSC, the end came in the quarterfinals this time. The top three teams in the table prevailed in two games in the quarterfinals. In the quarter-finals, Wuppertal and Unterhaching prevailed with two wins each in the best-of-three and met the seeded teams of SCC and VfB in the semi-finals.

In the round of the six best teams, all teams competed against each other twice. VfB and SCC defeated each other at their home games. The SCC survived this round undefeated and caused the only defeat of the Friedrichshafen team. Friedrichshafen survived this round without defeat. In the main round Friedrichshafen conceded its only defeat at 2:3 in Unterhaching. Friedrichshafen dominated the main round. Friedrichshafen secured third place after five championship titles in a row. March 30, 2003: Friedrichshafen vs. The quarter-finals were played in "Best of Five" format and took place on March 23, 25, 27, 29 and 31, 2011. The Division I tournament was played from January 2 to 8, 2013 in Romanshorn, Switzerland Here, the SC Rheindorf Altach was able to establish itself quickly among the leading clubs and after a second place (1989) in 1991 for the first time as a regional league champion rose to the 2nd division clearly ahead of the Salzburger AK 1914. Joachim Löw was also the leader of the table with Austria He was sacked and then joined the coaching staff of the German national team, making a promising start when he came on for Corentin Martins after 63 minutes when the score was 2-0 and scored twice in the closing stages to make it 2-2.

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